Long Sleeved Legends

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Footy season in the depth of winter (at least in the southern states) means some games are played in wet, windy and extremely COLD conditions. This leads to the ultimate guernsey (not jersey) options. To don the long sleeves. And what wonderful look it is! Glorious!!! Many an AFL jumper looks infinitely more attractive when the sleeves are left on. As we know there are some players that whenever they have an excuse, always love to cover up the guns.


Here is a team of the best I have seen that whenever they could, donned the long sleeves.


NOTE: The selection of positions has been ranked more on the players commitment to the long sleeves rather than actual ability so don’t scream if you see some players on the bench that should be in the 18 etc…


Backs:                   Brad Hardie (Footscray / Brisbane)                           Stephen Silvagni (Carl)                                   Kade Simpson (Carl)


Half Backs:          Ang Christou (Carl)                                                          Darryl White (Bris)                                           Mark Bayes (Sydney)


Centre:                 Andrew Jarman (Adel)                                                  Simon Atkins (Footscray/Fitzroy)              Brett Allison (Nth Melb)


Half Forwards:   Matthew Lappin (StK/Carl)                                          David Schwarz (Melb)                                    James Hird (Essendon)


Forwards:            Trevor Barker (St Kilda)                                                 Mark Roberts (Bris/Nth Melb)                   Stephen Milne (St K)


Ruck:                     Clark Keating (Brisbane)                                                Michael Tuck (Hawthorn)                             Jimmy Bartel (Geel)


Interchange:      Daniel Wells (Nth Melb / Coll)                                    Adrian McAdam (Nth Melb)                        Justin Longmuir (Freo)

Ryan Houlihan (Carl)                                                       Jack Steven (St K)                                            James Kelly (Geel)


Let us know your favourite player that no matter how cold or warm, wet or dry, loved to pull out the long sleeves.



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