Who wins your teams B&F

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1st           Matt Crouch

2nd          Rory Sloane

3rd           Sam Jacobs


Sloane missing a few games and being tagged out of a few more will hurt his chances but Matt Crouch would be a fully deserving winner.  Also expect Laird & Lever to poll well.





1st           Dane Zorko

2nd          Dane Beams

3rd           Daniel Rich


Zorko should be a moral after having another cracking year but Dane Beams is the obvious exacta play. Rich, Martin & Harris Andrews will battle it out for 3rd





1st           Sam Docherty

2nd          Matthew Kreuzer

3rd           Bryce Gibbs


Docherty going for back-to-back John Nicholls medals and looks every chance after having another great year across half back, earning AA honours. Kreuzer also had a terrific year and will push Docherty. Gibbs & Muprhy also had solid years. They will be your top 4. Choose your own order





1st           Adam Treloar

2nd          Jeremy Howe

3rd           Brodie Grundy


Am actually hoping that Jeremy Howe wins it as I believe he has been the best Pies player in 2017 but these award to tend to favour on ballers. Trelaor has been very good though and will be up there.





1st           Michael Hurley

2nd          Zac Merrett

3rd           Joe Daniher


I know he missed a couple of games late but really hope Hurley gets the nod here for an amazing season. Was a no-brainer lock for the AA side and would be a deserving winner. Merrett & Daniher have also had great years and rewards with AA honours also. Will be interesting to see where rookie Andrew McGrath finishes. Had a great start to his career.





1st           Nat Fyfe

2nd          Bradley Hill

3rd           Michael Walters


He took a little while to warm up but thought Fyfe had a pretty darn good year. The guy that was flying was Michael Walters but injury curtailed his year. In spite of that I think he’s done enough to finish top 3. Brad Hill another one that flew under the radar. The new recruit had a very consistent year in a side worse than one he’s ever played in before. Blakely & Weller should also poll well.





1st           Josh Kelly

2nd          Callan Ward

3rd           Dylan Shiel


Would think Josh Kelly has done enough this year to get the chocolates but fellow midfielders Shiel & Ward have also had terrific years. Toby Greene missing a few games could cruel his chances but had also had a top year. Would be surprised if these 4 are not the top 4.





1st           Patrick Dangerfield

2nd          Mitch Duncan

3rd           Joel Selwood


No prizes for guessing this trifecta here. Duncan has been huge this year and I reckon he has had a better year than Selwood (which makes his AA selection….well, interesting #BodyOfWork).



Gold Coast


1st           Jarrod Harbrow

2nd          Gary Ablett

3rd           Jarrod Witts


This may not be held this year. Seriously, winning the 2017 GC B&F is akin to being voted the best leg spinner in Norway. Not exactly a lot of competition. I sincerely hope that the crowd boo GAJ as he collects his award. Probably will withdraw late with hamstring tightness….





1st           Tom Mitchell

2nd          Ben McEvoy

3rd           Jarryd Roughead


Again, pretty confident we’ve nailed the trifecta here. TMitch has been huge (and thanks SB for odds of $5 him winning the Haw B&F at the start of the year). McEvoy had a career best season and Roughy played more minutes than any Hawks in 2017. Amazing achievement seeing what he has been through in the last 12-18 months.





1st           Clayton Oliver

2nd          Nathan Jones

3rd           Michael Hibberd


Really hope young Oliver wins something this year to reward his cracking season. How he missed the 40 A squad is truly mind boggling. Jones is ultra consistent and the heartbeat of the Dees while Hibberd had a great year, even if he did play 18 games.



North Melbourne


1st           Ben Brown

2nd          Ben Cunnington

3rd           Shaun Higgins


The top two are locks but not sure of the order. Reckon BBB deserves it for the amazing year he’s had. Cunnas has had a career high season while Higgins & Ziebell are maybe the best of the rest



Port Adelaide


1st           Paddy Ryder

2nd          Robbie Gray

3rd           Brad Ebert


The top 2 here have had great years and deserve to be right up there. Ebert, Jonas, Wingard & Wines will battle it out for 3rd





1st           Dustin Martin

2nd          Trent Cotchin

3rd           Alex Rance


Think we are pretty safe with this trifecta. Dusty win will and Cotch & Rance will fight out 2nd and 3rd. All three have had very good seasons. Cotch maybe the best since his “Brownlow” year…



St Kilda


1st           Sebastian Ross

2nd          Dylan Roberton

3rd           Jack Billings


Really hope Roberton wins as I think he has had a terrific year across half back. Seb Ross is a ball magnet so will go close. Jack Billings is going to be a gun and showed signs this year. Tricky one to predict this year, the Saints.





1st           Luke Parker

2nd          Dane Rampe

3rd           Josh P Kennedy


Found this the toughest by a long way. Do they reward someone who was consistent all year or someone that dominated in the winning part of the season Rds 7-22. Could put a case up for up to 7 players to finish in the top 3. Thought Parker was huge in the 2nd half of the year. Rampe is the rock solid, 22 round performer and I hope he gets recognised for that. JPK was, well, JPK. He is a gun.


West Coast Eagles


1st           Elliot Yeo

2nd          Jeremy McGovern

3rd           Josh Kennedy


Have gone with the 3 lads who made AA. Shannon Hurn will also be up there I’d imagine. Also hope Dom Sheed polls well to reflect his improved year



Western Bulldogs


1st           Jackson Maccrae

2nd          Toby McLean

3rd           Marcus Bontempelli


Felt Maccare had a career best season and has been more consistently high performing this year. Mclean might be a speculative pick but thought he’d been great in what I saw of the Dogs. Bont is always up there too.



Who have I left off? Where have I stuffed up? There is a fair chance you have seen more of your team than I have so let me know who you have polling well.


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