Team of 2017 Retirees

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I was just thinking what an amazing group of retirees we’ve had in 2017 so I thought I’d sit down and see if I could pick of team of the best of 2017. Reckon you’ll agree it’s a fair line up of talent. Also, if I’ve forgotten anyone let me know as I’m sure I have.



B:            Andrew Mackie (Geel), Tom Lonergan (Geel), Sean Dempster (Syd/StK)


HB:         Luke Hodge (Haw), Josh Gibson (Haw), Leigh Montagna (StK)


C:            Matthew Boyd (WB), Sam Mitchell (Haw/WCE),, Scott Thompson (Melb/Adel)


HF:         Steve Johnson (Geel/GWS), Nick Riewoldt (StK), James Kelly (Geel/Ess),


F:            Jesse White (Syd/Coll), Drew Petrie (Nth Melb/WCE),  Robert Murphy (WB)


R:            Ivan Maric (Adel/Rich), Matthew Priddis (WCE), Jobe Watson (Ess)


I:             Sam Butler (WCE), Dennis Armfield (Carl), Zac Dawson (Haw/StK,Freo), Brent Stanton (Ess)

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