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Well if you read last weeks article and you don’t have more money at the end of the weekend than you did at the start, you’re doing it wrong! What a truly incredible week for our followers. Predicted 9/9 winners. 2 of those 9 had the exact margin predicted (Geel by 11 & Carl by 7) . Hope you all got a piece of the action. GAMBLOR certainly did!!! Rich @ $1.48 vs Freo?!?! Someone at BET365 will be having their butt spanked for offering that!


Round 23 is a trickier affair in that there are games that may end up like the condoms in my wallet patiently & eagerly awaiting use (Dead Rubbers) so hard to bet with any confidence early doors. May just keep the powder dry this week with the aim of surging at the 1st week of finals…


But for degenerates like myself who can’t help themselves, lets find some winners…


I’ll be brief this week as I don’t have much time (or inclination) to gabble on…



Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs


Friday Night



Big night for the retirees. Not a game I’m keen to getting involved in


Hawks by 9 points (108-99)


Total Score OVER 187.5 @ $1.91 if you must



Collingwood vs Melbourne


Saturday Afternoon



Collingwood will impress at times, look like they might be competitive then lose a relatively close one. Would love to know how many games they have lost by 1-39. This will be another one.



Melbourne by 27 points (103-76)


Melbourne 1-39 @ $2.20

Melbourne by > 15.5 @ $2.10





Brisbane vs North Melbourne


Saturday Afternoon


The battle for the wooden spoon. Liked the podcast idea of the No.1 pick being at the ground and presented to the loser. May add some interest to this. How on Earth could anyone back North but not leaping into a short quote about Brisbane. Harvey Norman. NO INTEREST


Brisbane by 23 points (121-98)


The traditional Brisbane home game total score OVER bet. Why not? +203.5



Sydney vs Carlton


Saturday Twilight


Swans actually lost to the Blues earlier in the year under their previous incarnation of Sydney Rounds 1-6. Fair to say that won’t be happening this time around, but can’t seeing it blowing out too much.


Sydney by 35 points (99-64)


Maybe a small bet Syd 1-39 @ $3.10 and hope that the Blues can stick with them



Geelong vs GWS

Kardinia Park

Saturday Night


This will be a ripper. Giants took their time in taking care of a plucky Eagles out fit while you could say ditto for Geelong with Collingwood. I know it’s down at the Cattery but I feel this is where the Giants push for glory begins here. Just feel GWS are a better side and $2.05 I am getting the right price to find out.


GWS by 14 points (93-79)


GWS H2H @ $2.05

GWS 1-39 @ $2.45

GWS by > 15.5 @ $2.95 (small bet)



Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Adelaide Oval

Saturday Night


Power will smash this lot. here’s hoping GAJ will grace Sun;s fans with his presence….if he feels up to it of course…


Power by 61 points (122-61)


Power by 60+ @ $2.50 if you must…



Essendon vs Fremantle


Sunday Early Afternoon


This is one of the match-ups that has something riding on it…that’s if you can count a game involve Freo as a match-up. If it was anyone but Essendon, Gamblor would predict a big win but the Bombers have shown a propensity to drop extremely winnable games, but surely not this one. Again, not keen to get involved financially here.


Essendon by 37 points (103-66)


No Bet




Richmond vs St Kilda


Sunday Afternoon



The Tigers are the real deal and have very much earned their spot in the September action. Meanwhile, St Kilda also deserve to be exactly where they are. Middle of the pack. I know the Saints gave the Tigers a touch up earlier in the year but can’t see lightning striking twice. Again, no real value here so only moderately interested


Richmond by 23 points (103-80)


Richmond 1-39 @ $2.10




West Coast vs Adelaide


Sunday Twilight


WCE will know exactly what they need to do here which some are looking at as an advantage. Like they are that good, they can decide how much they are going to beat the best team in the comp by. If they were that good, they wouldn’t be in the position they find themselves in. A risky betting proposition as the Crows may rest a heap (Hi Ross Lyon). Probably best to only get involved late if at all.


Adelaide by 9 points (107-98)


Total Score OVER 182.5 @ $1.91 (seems very low for some reason)…




Best Bet


Port by 40+ @ $1.53


Best Of The Rest


GWS 1-39 @ $2.45



Best Roughie






Syd / GWS / Port / WCE v Adel (Total Score > 182.5) @ $4.75



Yours In Punting


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