Murgs Opinion Round 1

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I have always felt the majority of articles that appear on the AFL website are poor, but last week one appeared that was so bad I had to talk about it. This was a recent article on the AFL site about some of the burning questions for each club. The writers were instructed to ask 3 big questions facing each club and answer them. It all seemed quite simple. Until, a large amount of these people just refused to actually answer their own questions. We hear a lot about how coaches and players are so media trained that they don’t really say anything of value in most press conferences. I didn’t realise journalists were the same way!

How was this possible? They were asking themselves the questions. If you aren’t certain, or don’t want to be wrong, it doesn’t matter, you can just ask yourself a different question! You are asking them after all.


There is no doubt large amounts of the dribble I put online isn’t to a high standard, but I am not paid to do this. Remember people paid to write did all this.


Is Don Pyke the right man to lead the Crows towards a flag?
Pyke is an astute tactician, knows the club and takes charge of a team with plenty of upside – even without Dangerfield. Pressure will be on to hold a finals place in 2016 and over the course of his three-year deal fans will expect a push towards the top four. – Travis King

Kingy, after reading those 2 sentences, I still have no idea whether you think he is the right man for the job or not.

Jeopardy Answer: What is expected of Don Pyke?


Is Justin Leppitsch the long-term man for the Lions?
He just signed a one-year contract extension, and with the team he now wants both on the field and off it, Leppitsch has the building blocks in place. The club wants to see some improvement this year, and Leppitsch himself admitted there were no excuses from now on.

Can Pearce Hanley become an All Australian? 
Last season was ruined by a hip injury, but when Hanley fires, usually the Lions do as well. The Irishman is the most damaging player at the club and can break lines with both his leg speed and exquisite kicking skills. If he can elevate his game to the next level, the Lions will surely climb the ladder. – Michael Whiting 

Whits, Brisbane was a poor segment by you. These also aren’t the big issues facing Brisbane. You could touch on their problem retaining players, or talk about how Allen Christensen’s ducking is a blight on the sport.

Jeopardy Answers: What is expected of Leppitsch?
Can I talk about Pearce Hanley for 3 sentences and say nothing we didn’t know already?


Can the Dockers find more goals this season? 
They have worked tirelessly on their kicking and ball movement all summer. In 2012 it took a while for Ross Lyon’s defensive structures to click but they eventually did. We will know by mid-year whether the work has paid off. – Alex Malcolm

By mid-year we will know all of the answers to the questions in this article. Thanks Alex, nothing like posing a question about this season and answering, we will see what happens this season.

Jeopardy Answer: What have Fremantle looked to improve?


Will the Cats’ game stand up in finals?
It feels sacrilegious to write this about such a great team but the fact is the Cats have won one final since 2011 and were in the bottom four for contested ball average last season. They also conceded 100 points or more eight times in 2015, the most in 22 home and away rounds since 2006. Their midfield strength must translate into defensive power. – Peter Ryan  

Will it stand up in finals or not? I have a feeling you don’t think so, but please, spell it out I don’t want to read between the lines on the AFL site.

Jeopardy Answer: You’ll never guess what the Cats MUST improve this season? (even added the click bait for you, you’re welcome)


Will Jaeger O’Meara and Dion Prestia re-sign?
With O’Meara, the Suns and fair-minded fans want to see the former Rising Star winner back to his best on the field. Providing he does that, the race for his signature will be hot – as it will be for busy midfielder Prestia, who is not only one of the most popular, but one of the best Suns on their list.

Will Gary Ablett return to be the game’s best player?
After a shoulder reconstruction and medial ligament tear over the past 18 months, Ablett has barely played, and watched on as Nat Fyfe ascended to take the mantle as the AFL’s best player. Ablett, now 31, has had a storming pre-season and despite a recent foot niggle will be in peak condition come round one. – Michael Whiting 

Whiting again! Our Queensland correspondent really hates answering questions. Michael Whiting has me convinced that he may be two separate people. One who channels his inner Glenn Greenwald, the other a man looking to avoid answering questions at all costs.

Jeopardy Answer: Whats up with Jaegs and Presti?
What has GAJ been up to?


Will the Stevie J gamble pay off?
The Giants need a goalkicking small forward, so if the former Cat can snag 30+ and help take some pressure off star forward Jeremy Cameron, he’ll go a long way towards helping his side into the eight. 

Will Callum Mills overtake Isaac Heeney as the club’s best young star?
The pair of academy standouts will play at opposite ends of the ground this season, but are equally important to the Swans. If Mills stays fit he’ll be tough to beat for this year’s NAB Rising Star award. – Adam Curley

Some of your questions were answered Curls. However, the NSW correspondent struggled mightily with these two. What does the NAB rising star have to do with Mills being a better young player than Heeney?

Jeopardy Answers: What is par for Stevie this year?
What will happen with Mills and Heeney this year?


Will North’s veterans start to slow down? Brent Harvey, Drew Petrie, Jarrad Waite and Nick Dal Santo remain key players for North. For the Roos to be top-four contenders this season, most, if not all, of them need to remain close to their best. – Nick Bowen

Huge news from Nick Bowen; your veteran players need to play well for your team to be contenders. Also, can you press enter after your question? Only you and the Richmond guy didn’t do that, give me some formatting consistency.

Jeopardy Answer: What veterans need to play well for North this season?


Is this the year Dustin Martin becomes an All Australian? The Tigers are looking for ways to become a team that wins finals and Martin shapes as the key. Nominated in the 40-man squad the past two years, if he takes the next step so do the Tigers. – Nathan Schmook

That is a horrible answer, to an even worse question. Being in the 40-man squad would mean you are already a great player. Surely the Tigers taking the next step doesn’t depend on whether Dustin Martin can make the 22 instead of the 40. Also, you didn’t even say whether you think he will. Plus you didn’t press enter. You are now dead to me Schmook.

Jeopardy Answer: I don’t care for you Schmook.


The rest of the people were able to write to the specification. Congratulations go out to: Howard Kotton, Ben Collins, Callum Twomey, Ben Guthrie, Dinny Navaratnam and Ryan Davidson (although you need to sort out your grammar mate, “with 20 year-old”. Also, just proof read a bit, “At33” justput aspace inthere, itisn’t toohard andit makesit easierto read)


You are all capable of doing your jobs!


The rest of you mentioned here, are on a warning, I will be looking out for your future work and critisicing it. Except for you Schmook, you blew your chance.

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