Team of 2017 Retirees

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I was just thinking what an amazing group of retirees we’ve had in 2017 so I thought I’d sit down and see if I could pick of team of the best of 2017. Reckon you’ll agree it’s a fair line up of talent. Also, if I’ve forgotten anyone let me know as I’m sure I […]

All Australian – Best Of The Rest 2016 (not in the 40 man squad)

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B:            Brad Shepperd                  Heath Grundy                        Nick Haynes HB:         Zac Williams                        Harry Taylor                        Jason Johannisen C:            Tom Rockliff                       Patrick Cripps                     Seb Ross HF:         Dayne Zorko                      Nick Riewoldt                    Steve Johnson F:            Tim Membery                   Tom Hawkins                     Robbie Gray R:            Brodie Grundy                  Zac Merrett ©                   Matt Priddis I:             Nathan Wilson                  Daniel Wells                       Lachie […]

All Australian Team – PANTHOR

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FB:                          McGovern                          Talia                                       Rampe HB:                         Docherty                             Rance                                    Shaw C:                            Hannebery                         Dangerfield                        Shuey HF:                         Rioli                                        Franklin                                Martin FF:                          Lynch (GC)                          Kennedy (WC)                  Betts R:                            Gawn                                    Sloane                                  Parker I:                             Treloar                             Ward                                     Neale Bontempelli

All Australian Team – Sully

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B:                            Heath Shaw (Carl)                      Jeremy McGovern (WCE)                             Rory Laird (Adel) HB:                         Dane Rampe (SYd)                          Alex Rance (Rich)                                             Sam Docherty (Carl) C:                            Dan Hannebury (Syd)                     Lachie Neale (Freo)                                         Marcus Bomtempelli (WB) HF:                         Dustin Martin (Rich)                        Lance Franklin (Syd)                                        Luke Parker (Syd) F:                            Eddie Betts (Adel)                           Josh Kennedy (WCE)                                      Tom Lynch (GC) R:                            Max Gawn (Melb)                           […]

High Octane

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  Glenn McLeod has returned after his award winning article yesterday with our team of Solid Citizens with a team of “High Octane” players. Again, another phrase thrown out by the AAAS in the round 18 pod featuring Glenn, these are player that can excite and dazzle in equal measure while changing the fortunes of […]

Solid Citizens

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As discussed in the Round 18 pod cast with our special guest Glenn McLeod, here is a team (selected by Glenn himself) of what we at the AAAS describe as a “Solid Citizens”.   He is that player in your team that is no superstar, but rocks up every week and does what he can […]

The Adrian Anderson Alliteration All-Stars or (AAAAS for short)

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FB: Sam Shaw, Chad Cornes (vc), Martin Mattner HB: Sam Siggins, Matthew Maguire, Jason Johannisen C: Hamish Hartlett, Steele Sidebottom, Heath Hocking HF: Shane Savage, Mitch Morton, Matthew McDonough FF: Paul Puopolo, Sam Schulz, Josh Jenkins Foll: Nic Naitanui, Marc Murphy (c), Scott Selwood Int: Luke Lowden, Clay Cameron, Hal Hunter, Tom Temay Coach: Mick […]

A Team Of Colours

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  Unfortunately recent years have seen the loss of many superstar colour named players, including Matthew Scarlett, Brad Green, Jeff White and David Schwarz. As a result, the team is slightly compromised with some ‘half-colours’. Sounds like a line out of Django Unchained…   FB: Campbell Brown, Nathan Brown, Luke Brown HB: Matthew White, Mitchell […]

A Team Of Animals

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After the unparalleled success of our team of “Replacements” ,we at the AAAS have decided to every so often put up a team based on the most random of provisos. As pretty much all our creative juices were used up with the picking of the Replacements, we felt it prudent and quite frankly a hell […]